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Hillary Blecker

Creating space for hard conversations, leading to more authentic engagement across race and gender.


Individual Coaching

I work with leaders who are focused on promoting equity and inclusion in their teams. I support clients to identify and achieve their vision of equitable leadership. Individual coaching requires a minimum commitment of three months. Sessions may be held either by phone or in person.

Group Coaching

Group coaching is for three to six individuals. During a minimum of four sessions, we explore individual and collective leadership challenges. My group coaching is focused on white leaders working for racial equity and justice.


I design and facilitate spaces for groups to identify and engage their internal conflicts, to more effectively reach their desired goals. As a dialogue facilitator, I am skilled in designing activities and holding space for the process that is unfolding. I engage the complex, heated, and light moments in pursuit of the collective growth of the group.


With almost two decades of experience as a trainer, I provide skill-building in areas such as creating safer workplaces, productively engaging in conflict, connecting across difference, and more. My trainings are interactive and use a variety of approaches, catering to different learning styles and inviting the many opinions present.

In the two months I've been coached by Hillary, I've learned to tap into my vision and find my voice. Hillary uses a variety of coaching strategies and makes sure to tailor each one to specifically what I'm requiring during our session. I am a more confident leader because of Hillary's astute observations and abilities.

Lindsey Lughes, Executive Director, LGBT Center of Raleigh

I help groups accomplish their goals by building authentic relationships across barriers of race, class, gender, and other social identities.

I am a longtime leader of both dialogues and trainings, and a co-founder of The Blue Door Group and its predecessor, the Philadelphia Trainers’ Collaborative. I lead dialogues that support organizations and individuals to address existing conflicts, locate barriers to engagement, and build trust together. As a leadership coach, I work with individuals and small groups to support their work for racial equity and justice. I prioritize connection, warmth, and flexibility in assisting groups and individuals to get where they need to go.


My professional credentials include: a Bachelor of Arts in Public Health Social Sciences from Johns Hopkins University, a Master of Public Health in Community Practice from the University of Washington, and a Graduate Certificate in Diversity Leadership from Temple University. I am also a certified professional coach through Leadership that Works. 

Last fall, as I launched my business, my life felt like a chaotic windstorm. I was finally doing work that deeply aligned with my soul's purpose but I was having difficulty balancing my work and my life. Hillary's coaching was powerful and grounding. She supported me in finding more spaciousness and compassion for myself. I deeply appreciated her clear communication, and the way her questions supported me in finding my own truth. She was able to help me navigate the contradictions and tensions of being a white, wealthy woman committed to racial justice and wealth redistribution. Hillary is a gifted, intuitive coach and I recommend her highly--especially to white leaders in racial justice work, who are looking for a values-aligned coach to support their learning and leadership.   

Kate Poole, co-founder, Chordata Capital

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